Who we are


At the Hominum Care Center, our mission is to comprehensively care for people with degenerative disease, the elderly and their families, providing high-quality and efficient services, contributing to create a culture of care in society: care and respect for the dignity of every person.

We have the call to accompany patients and families when they need it, turning palliative care into a reaffirmation of life and assuming death as a natural and dignified process.


We carry out our activity taking into account human dignity and seeking personalized attention, from a Christian and transcendent conception of life, without any discrimination of people for reasons of race, sex, beliefs or purchasing power.At the HOMINUM Care Center we value the importance of emotional balance, safety and respect; as basic work requirements, to promote in the person a sense of plenitude compatible with the limitations that may appear at this stag


At Hominum Care Center we try to act in accordance with these values through three main programs: comprehensive care practice, for patients and families; training and awareness programs, promoting quality care and warmth; and the promotion of solidarity action, in attention to loneliness in these vital phases, through volunteer activities.